About Me

Just some random facts and glitches within this soul

Why hello there;

Welcome to my "About Me" Page. This is supposedly to educate you things about me. BUT! As you know, nah. Not going to spill all the tea, but here are some THINGAMAJIG about me!

This soul was created in this world on the August of 1994. Born in the sunny, humid and unexpected weather of Singapore ((/ˈsɪŋ(ɡ)əpɔːr/). Graduated my first school on the age of 6 from PAP Kindergarten. Afterwards, moving on to the private and exquisite elementary school of St Gabriel’s primary. Which afterwards, graduated into High School of Springfield Secondary, graduated with 2 certifications from Cambridge (“N Levels” &” O Levels”). After graduating from High School, I headed to a Technical School where I learn how to Design and Develop Games. After which, I head on to get my diploma in Information Technology where I currently resides.